Obsessed or Over It?

It’s a game that Thom Filicia and Carson Kressley, stars of Bravo’s Get a Room, play when discussing design trends.

Brass accents? Obsessed.

Macrame? Over it!

Shiplap? It depends.

But for us, when it comes to Thom Filicia, the featured speaker at 2019’s Design Cincinnati: Obsessed!.


We have a bit of obsession with design anyway, since each year our event focuses on inviting a celebrity interior designer to Cincinnati to hear their tips, stories and more. But it’s more than an invitation—our event pays homage to our guest designer from our event decor, to our table settings and our swag bags. Total designer immersion! That’s part of the fun.

And we love Thom Filicia’s style. Who doesn’t? House Beautiful named him one of their “Top 100 Designers.” House & Garden calls him an “International Taste Maker,” while Elle Decor celebrated Thom as an “A-List Designer.” And the ladies of the Association of Volunteers think he’s pretty amazing.

At this year’s event, joining Thom on stage are two of our favorite local designers, Anne Shanahan and Tenesa Wildermuth from SWI Vintage. We’ll get to be a part of a special conversation with Thom, guided from a designers’ perspective.

Of course, Thom is known for his personality as much as he is for his design skills. You may know him from the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in addition to his current show, Get A Room.

We invite you to purchase your tickets today. With a speaker like Thom, we expect this event to sell out in no time. In the meantime, watch Get A Room. Visit Thom’s website. Read all you can about him. Then come see him on October 10th and join us in our obsession!

Susanna Salk, Arriving in Style

We're thrilled to host Susanna Salk as our next guest speaker for Design Cincinnati. As you know, this event, which started as the Cincinnati Art & Antiques Festival over 50 years ago, has a legacy of bringing top interior designers and style makers to our city. Over the years, we have hosted Vern Yip, Eddie Ross, Bunny Williams, Martha Stewart and more. Susanna, a talented designer in her own right, also gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at the homes of some of our favorite designers with her video series presented by Quintessence (another favorite blog of ours). 

Watch a few episodes, and you'll feel like you know her already. What's even better is that you'll probably pick up a few design tips along the way. 

This year's Design Cincinnati is scheduled for Friday, October 19th at the Anderson Pavilion at Smale Riverside Park in downtown Cincinnati. We hope that you'll join us for morning mimosas as we welcome Susanna, followed by a gourmet luncheon, while Susanna enthralls us all with her design and style tips. Take home a bit of Susanna styles with one of her amazing design books--available for sale both before and after our lecture and luncheon, including her newest book, The Power of Pattern: Interiors and Inspiration: A Resource Guide, At Home with Designers and Their Dogs: Sharing A Stylish Life and Decorate Fearlessly: Using Whimsy, Confidence, and a Dash of Surprise to Create Deeply Personal Spaces. Chat with Susanna, and have her sign one of your new books--it will be a fabulous addition to your ever-growing design library 

The Inspiration Continues. . .

Did you ever have a fabulous dinner at a restaurant, and just want to go home and try to recreate the meal yourself? Or, have you ever seen a gorgeous centerpiece at an event, and raced home to do see you could make your dinner table just as special? And, after hearing Vern Yip speak at Design Cincinnati in 2016, did you head home dreaming of how you’d redecorate? 

We did!

That’s why we’re so excited to present Design Cincinnati Workshops. Sign up for a DIY/Lifestyle Workshop following our luncheon and lecture with Eddie Ross, and you’ll not only be inspired but also equipped to entertain and decorate with style!

Get out your calendars now and save the dates! These workshops are only available for Design Cincinnati 2017 attendees. Registration only takes place at our 10/13 event! We’ve helped create some events that you won’t want to miss! What’s more, 10% of all workshops will benefit the Association of Volunteers in support of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. (And some very generous souls are donating all of their proceeds—and then some—back to the AOV.) See below for details. And check back as we continue to finalize even more amazing workshops. Just for you!


Brunch Basics with Turner Farm

January 6, 11 am-2 pm

turner farm.jpg

Have fun while learning fundamental protein cookery skills with eggs, as well as cooking a variety of grains for breakfast and brunch.  This course will discuss healthy, easy and creative alternatives for traditional brunch staples.  It will also address best practices for hosting a successful brunch at home.  The class will gather together at the end to enjoy the variety of dishes produced during the class.  We may even make a mocktail or two!

  • Cost:  $100 per person
  • Location:  Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen, 7400 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH45243
  • Number attendees:  16


Dining Artfully with Shannon Carter

shannon carter.jpg

November 9, 2017, 12 pm

Enjoy an elegant luncheon in Shannon Carter’s lovely home, incorporating family recipes and creative ideas from her book, Living Artfully. Engage in fun conversations about entertaining with treasured heirlooms and whimsical twists. 

  • Cost:  $75 per person (All proceeds donated to The Association of Volunteers)
  • Location:  The home of Shannon Carter
  • Number of attendees:  7


Making Fresh Pasta with Daveed’s Culinary Kitchen


November 1, 2016, 6pm

Making fresh pasta at home is much easier than you might think and just as delicious as you imagine.  In this class, you’ll learn to mix homemade pasta dough, then roll and cut it.  Chef David will show you how to prepare some delicious sauces.  On the menu is paparedelle with secret red gravy, fettuccini with pesto, spaghetti with caciopepe and, for dessert, white chocolate clusters.  Each student experiences a taste of every dish.  Two glasses of wine and gratuity included.

  • Cost:  $65 per person
  • Location:  Daveed’s Culinary Kitchen, 7896 Camargo Road, Madeira, OH
  • Number of attendees:  Minimum 10, maximum 16


Tablescapes with Villa Sanctuary- From Simple to Sublime!

Friday, October 27, 6 pm and Saturday, October 28, 12 pm

villa sanctuary.jpg

Get ready for entertaining this holiday season with a workshop in the art of tablescaping.  This workshop will explore setting the stage for every occasion by creating beautiful table settings.  Participants will receive an in-store discount on table décor and linens.



  • Cost:  $30 per person (All proceeds donated to The Association of Volunteers). Villa Sanctuary will donate 20% of all sales of linens and table décor at the event to Design Cincinnati.
  • Location:  Villa Sanctuary, 32 Main Street, Milford, OH
  • Number of Attendees:  8


Candle Making with Manitou Candle

Date:  February 7, 2018, 6 p.m.


Come join us for a fun filled candle making class! Unplug from everyday life and foster original interaction through inspiration. Learn the art of making scented soy candles while spending time with old and new friends. Our experienced candle makers will guide you through the entire process of candle making. Each student will make two 11 ounce candles. Class time is typically 1.5 hours.

  • Cost:  $50
  • Location:  Manitou Candle Company, 4015 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati
  • Number of Attendees:  12


Beginning Calligraphy with The Hive Studio

Sunday, February 11, 2018

hive studio.jpg

Join us as we learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy, instructed by calligrapher, Lindsey Buck of The Hive Studio. Students will learn the anatomy of the nib, dipping ink and scribing the alphabet, experimenting with different ink colors, practicing upstrokes & downstrokes, and practicing your own alphabet writing style. Each student will receive The Hive Studio Beginner Calligraphy Kit, a beautifully crafted starter kit to use in class and take home. Your kits will include 1 nib, 1 wooden nib holder, ink well and black ink, notepad, alphabet sheet, practice papers and a resources sheet in a nice, wooden tray box made here in the USA

Cost:  $85

Location:  The Gifted Shop, 3443 Edwards Road, Hyde Park

Number of Attendees:  12


jenna bowen.png

Elegant Living & Generational Design

Date:  May 26, 2018, 11 am

A presentation and discussion about transitioning family furnishings through life's phases. Whether you are downsizing to allow more time for travel, updating a newly "empty nest," or investing in quality pieces for the first time, this workshop will provide practical lessons in integrating, updating, and honoring your furnishings, both inherited and existing.  Workshop will take place at Jenna Bowen’s beautiful 1300 acre farm in the rolling hills of the Bluegrass.  Includes light brunch.

  • Cost:  TBD
  • Location:  Owenton, Kentucky (about 1 hour south of Cincinnati)
  • Number of attendees:  30

But wait! There’s more! Stay tuned for more details on amazing workshops we have planned with Robin Wood Flowers, Gia and the Blooms and Patti Johnson Interiors. 

A Modern Mix of Old and New

We're thrilled to be planning our second year of Design Cincinnati: A Legacy of Antiques, A New Era of Style. As we continue to honor our 50-year heritage as the area's premier antiques and art show, all while exploring new trends in home decor, design and entertaining, we were on the search for a speaker who could speak to our unique perspective. Enter Eddie Ross: decorator, designer, trained chef, and collector with a larger than life personality. Stay tuned for more information on our 2017 event, featuring Eddie's book, Modern Mix. 


Design Cincinnati 2017 will feature Eddie Ross and his book,   Modern Mix.

Design Cincinnati 2017 will feature Eddie Ross and his book,  Modern Mix.

Antiques: An Old Way to Be Green

There are so many ways to think about being environmentally conscious. In fact, we like to think of antiquing as one of the nicest ways of recycling. Incorporating antiques into your home decor is a beautiful way to love your home and your earth. We love it when style and the environment can go hand in hand.

That's why we were so happy to give each and every Design Cincinnati attendee a sample of Plaine Products shampoo in your swag bags. Plaine Products is the very first body products company dedicated to the elimination of single use plastics. All Plaine Products come in stainless steel containers that can be sent back to the manufacturer and refilled again and again. You may think that one tiny, little plastic shampoo bottle won't make a difference, but did you know that less than 10% of plastics are actually reclaimed and recycled? The rest go straight to the landfill. Just think about how many products in plastic bottles that you use during the day--it's actually quite staggering.


We're so proud to be working with Plaine Products. The company's founders are dedicated, intelligent--and they are from Cincinnati, too. We hope you love their products and we hope you'll sign up for their subscription service once they launch--you can follow their progress on social media. Plaine Products will be making a donation to Design Cincinnati for every attendee who agrees to try their shampoo and body wash subscription service. So you'll be helping Mother Earth, and you'll be helping our fundraising efforts on behalf of Cincinnati Children's. Two admirable causes with one sustainable bottle.

There's something about a candle that makes a room seem finished. We knew we had to include a candle in our pop-up market at Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital. And when we met Janelle West from West End Naturals, we knew her candles were it.

We know that you'll just love her signature French pear scent. The vessels she uses are just so special--mercury glass and hobnail glassware, wine bottles, and the sweetest little votives. You'll want one for every room.

Did you know that you can customize a candle? If not, you're really going to want to meet Janelle on Thursday. She'll create a candle for you in just about any container. Do you have an old vase that is begging to be repurposed? What about a ginger jar that needs new life? Or some milk glass that could use a little sparkle? Janelle can take it and make it into something really special for your home. 

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the gorgeous images below. And be sure to meet Janelle in our pop up market. 


Partners in a Vision

When working with a designer like Vern Yip, it's hard not to be inspired. Inspired, however, might be too tame a word. It's been a wild ride, filled with pagodas, fabric swatches, foo dogs, tassels, lanterns, paint, and papers. The more we see of Vern's designs, the more ideas we have. 


We're so lucky to have All Occasions as our partner in planning this event. Tables and chairs. Place settings. Linens. When you're planning an interior design and home decor event, not just anything will do. It all has to be just right. Spot on. These are not decisions we could make in an instant. And we've found that we need things that seem a little out of the ordinary. 


All Occasions is always up on the latest trends. They have an amazing list of resources and are happy to share. We feel like we are in event planning heaven when we meet with them. It's hard sometimes not to think about events we'll be hosting in the future.

When we close our eyes now, we see tablecloth swatches in vibrant hues of fuchsias, oranges, reds, greens and blues. We've about seen it all, in part because All Occasions has it all. Just wait, you'll see.

To learn more about All Occasions, please visit www.aorents.com

Not All Fun and Games

If you've ever been involved in planning a large-scale event, you know that as much as you love it, as much as you can't wait for the big day, it is not all fun and games. In fact, event planning can be a logistical challenge, an exercise in patience, and lots of long days filled with long lists of tasks. 

Although event planning is not all fun and games, that doesn't mean that they can't be filled with both fun and games. And Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital will be filled with both, in part, thanks to our friends at Krombholz Jewelers. 

Your day at Design Cincinnati will start off with shopping and special treats (you'll be reading more about those later!), followed by a lecture by Vern Yip, book signing and a luncheon, catered by Funkys. But before the shopping begins again, we hope you'll join us for our "Heads or Tails" game. 

For $10, you'll receive a game entry and a few minutes playing a game that will the whole group standing up on their feet (and back down in their seats), all having a great time. We'll give you more details when you check in on 10/13. The only thing you need to know right now is that your $10 donation could lead to a $1,000 gift certificate from Krombholz Jewelers. Have you ever been to their store? Have you ever browed through their Facebook page. You might want to take a look now and dream about how you might spend your $1,000 at Krombholz.

We'll say no more and let these pictures convince you.


Learn more about Krombholz at Krombholz Jewelers - Jewelry Store, Cincinnati, OH or visit them at 9399 Shelley Lane in Montgomery.

Krombholz is now accepting gently worn jewelry on consignment.

Krombholz is now accepting gently worn jewelry on consignment.

Whether you’re imagining a custom design or an antique-inspired bridal set, Krombholz Jeweler's goal is to help make your experience fun and… engaging. They offer custom one-of-a-kind designs as well as an inspired collection that you won't find at the mall.

Whether you’re imagining a custom design or an antique-inspired bridal set, Krombholz Jeweler's goal is to help make your experience fun and… engaging. They offer custom one-of-a-kind designs as well as an inspired collection that you won't find at the mall.

Krombholz Jewelers has established a 70 year reputation for designing and creating jewelry that has been coveted for generations and shipped all over the world. Their staff includes award winning designers, experienced jewelers and sales associaties. They are all waiting to assist you personally

Krombholz Jewelers has established a 70 year reputation for designing and creating jewelry that has been coveted for generations and shipped all over the world. Their staff includes award winning designers, experienced jewelers and sales associaties. They are all waiting to assist you personally