The Buzz About the Bees

This year, our event is all about our 50 year legacy of antiques and a new era of style. We're thrilled that Trace Mayer is bringing his Museum Bees to our pop-up shopping event this year because it is that mix of heirloom treasure and modern flair that we just adore.

Each Museum Bee is created with an antique frame, dating from 1860-1880, and, for the most part, antique ormulu bee--a gold-colored metal cast into a bee shape, gilded and then used to adorn 18th century furniture.  But the collection is not limited to just bees. We should know because we spent hours at his booth last year at the Cincinnati Art & Antiques Festival. Bulldogs, elephants, lions, frogs, horses, anchors, and this list goes on. Each frame is different too--bourbon barrel, burled, gilded, laquered. Some are big and some are small, but each is a unique objet d'art.

Several of us bought a grouping of three bees last year, knowing that there was a nook or niche somewhere in our homes just calling out for something so special, so artistic, and yet so affordable. Our Museum Bees have happily found their places on our walls and shelves, but we all want more! Each bee looks great on its own, adding a bit of sparkle and old word charm. Small but mighty, it is a home decor detail that won't go unnoticed. But there is strength in numbers. We can't wait to add to our collections this year. And we know you'll want to start yours, too. Check out Trace's Pinterest page for some pre-shopping inspiration Museum Bee Inspiration.

Welcome back, Trace Mayer.  We're so excited to have you back!