Designs on Cincinnati: One Room At a Time

If you follow our blog and social media accounts (and if you don't, here are links to our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages), you know we love home design. We could pour over decor magazines, play with fabric swatches and dream about accessories for hours. How lucky we are to be able obsess over one of our favorite hobbies all while working for such a great cause, The Convalescent Hospital for Children. That's why we're loving the time we get to spend with Keri Malafa and Amanda Waltz. These amazing ladies are the muscle behind ESD Interiors and they make work look like so much fun. You know the beautiful home decor pictures that we're drooling over? ESD Interiors has the know how to make our design dreams come true. And working with them really is a dream.


We know that, to some people, even the idea of hiring an interior designer can be an intimidating process. Flipping through the pages of your favorite home decor magazine, you'll see page after page of staged rooms. An interior designer knows that the home decor process is one that manages color, scale and style. But the very best make you feel comfortable all while designing a room that really works for your family. Working with ESD Interiors is like working with two old friends. They know that the best way to design a room that you're going to love is to really get to know who you, and your family, are. "We also love to work with items that our clients already have," explained Keri. "We like to understand what things are really important to our clients and to make them work with the overall design goal," she said.


It turns out that Keri and Amanda were really good friends, long before they were managing partners of the firm. Amanda explained that "we compliment each other to give our clients the full package." Keri added that "we truly, truly feel grateful everyday to be on this journey with one another and we know that neither of us want to be doing it with anyone else." Their friendship shines through to each and everyone of their clients and is part of what makes working with them so very special.


This dynamic duo follows the same philosophy that our celebrity speaker, Vern Yip preaches: design for living. It's not just about high end fixtures and finishes, but how a room will really be used. "We take a high/low approach," Amanda explained. Budget does matter when decorating a home. ESD takes factors like these into account, and can guide their clients when and where to save in the process, resulting in an overall design aesthetic that looks high end.


It's not just about client relationships, however. ESD has forged relationships with the best artisans in the area, giving their clients access to an A-list of resources. "We love keeping it local. We're constantly amazed by the best-in-class resources that we have right in our own backyard," explained Keri. 


We're so grateful to be working with ESD. They've been gracious enough to sponsor our Urbana Cafe coffee cart, treating each and every attendee to a hot cuppa while shopping our pop up boutique--an aspect of our event that we are so excited about. Make sure you catch up with them at Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital. Their style is apparent, and their enthusiasm is contagious. You may find that you want to work with them too.


Learn more about ESD by visiting their website at Home - ESD Interiors