Villa Sanctuary

Villa Sanctuary is a hidden gem in Old Milford. This elegant home furnishings and decor store is a worthwhile stop, anytime you might need some design inspiration. Just peek into one of the windows of Brad Price's store and you'll leave with more inspiration than an afternoon on Instagram. But how you can look through the store window and not venture inside is beyond us. 

Brad spent nearly three decades as a jeweler, and his fine eye for detail and elegance is apparent in every nook and cranny of Villa Sanctuary. You'll be amazed at the amount of inventory he carries, from occasional furniture and lighting, to beautiful decor pieces, both antique and new. From linens to tabletop decor, Brad carries everything you need to set a table that is both elegant and unique. 

When decorating our own homes, we're always on the look for something special, something different, something that is current yet all our own. Villa Sanctuary is a great resource for home decor. And Brad makes all of the difference. He gets to know his customers, their style and what they like. Stop by his store, and you may find that he is soon making suggestions for you.

We couldn't be any happier to have Brad and his treasures from Villa Sanctuary join us for Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital on 10/13. It's talent like his that makes events like ours so very special.


Visit Villa Sanctuary at 32 Main Street in Old Milford and at