Gattle's of Cincinnati

Because we can't imagine our own homes without a special touch from Gattle's of Cincinnati, we really couldn't imagine an event like Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital without having them involved. Gattle's was one of our sponsors from the Cincinnati Art & Antiques Festival and we were more than flattered when they agreed to sponsor our event this year, as we transition to our new format and location.

Beautiful home decor is eye candy, for sure. We all are looking to project that positive first impression. But interior design is more than skin deep--it goes deep into how we live and can shape the function, comfort and livability of any room. That's part of what makes Gattle's a vital resource to any home decorator in this area. 

A store with humble beginnings, Gattle's began in 1904 with a German immigrant, Henrietta Gattle, selling imported lace curtains from door to door. As her business expanded to brick-and-mortar stores and beyond, so did Gattle's offering to include luxurious linens. The store now offers fine bed and bath linens and accessories, as well as home accents, intimate apparel, handkerchiefs, infant bedding and gifts.  A wonderfully-decorated bedroom is brought to a new level with coordinated linens, from blankets to bedsheets. Your eye will appreciate a monogrammed hand towel, but when the towel is made from the finest Egyptian cotton, the experience is brought to the next level. 

Thank you, Gattle's, for all you do to make each of our homes a special place--and for all you do for our community by sponsoring events like ours.