Putting the Swag in Our Bag

We're lucky this year to have a great group of sponsors who are hard at work to make our event extra special. And for Julena Bingaman, the owner of Jules & Bing, a newly opened full-service, custom embroidery shop in Mariemont, making things extra special is what it is all about.

"Every monogram tells a story," Julena explains. The favorite part of her job is helping her customers to tell their unique story. Truly, adding a personal detail with a monogram or embroidered icon brings a whole level of customization to home decor. 

She's certainly helping us at Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital tell our story to you. We have a special gift waiting for all of those who attend our lecture and luncheon. (And you thought seeing Vern Yip in person was gift enough!) This year, each attendee will receive a swag bag, courtesy of Jules & Bing! 

The bag is just the icing on the cake. We hope you'll use it over and over again. And we hope that you'll love what you find inside. We have lots of special surprises in store for you. Not that you'd expect anything less from Jules & Bing--or from us.

To visit Jules & Bing, go to www.julesandbing.com. Their brick and mortar store is at 6846 Wooster Pike in Mariemont.