Everything about Fern is something special. Stepping into the old College Hill gas station that Fern now calls home, you'll wonder if you've somehow been transported to Brooklyn. A beautiful space, where curated greenery pops against clean white walls, you can tell that every detail has been carefully thought out--minimalistic and spare, yet full of so much. 

While home to greenery, like ferns and succulents that we are all loving so much, Fern is also a home decor heaven, featuring locally made accessories, home goods, planters and more. 

The inspiration you might get from Fern's owner Megan Strasser is not just from breathing in the beauty and minimal elegance from her perfectly arranged vignettes, but from the culture of creativity that she fosters by regularly turning her store into a classroom. Building a terrarium. Mounting Staghorn ferns. Designing a holiday centerpiece. Creating a floral crown. We love how Megan shows us how to incorporate foliage into our homes in a way that is both stylish and beautiful--true works of art. The imagination does not stop there. Her classes range from calligraphy to fabric dying to cocktail mixology. She inspires us in ways that she may never know, giving us a blank canvas and a vision all at the same time.

We're so happy to have discovered Fern, for so many reasons. If you haven't yet visited Fern, we're so excited that we are the ones to make your introduction to this amazing store and the creative genius behind it at our pop up shopping boutique at Design Cincinnati Presented by ClearArc Capital. We remember our own awe at seeing this store for the first time--and we're thrilled that you'll soon have the same experience. 

Visit Fern at 6040 Hamilton Ave in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, and online at www.fern-shop.com.