The Inspiration Continues. . .

Did you ever have a fabulous dinner at a restaurant, and just want to go home and try to recreate the meal yourself? Or, have you ever seen a gorgeous centerpiece at an event, and raced home to do see you could make your dinner table just as special? And, after hearing Vern Yip speak at Design Cincinnati in 2016, did you head home dreaming of how you’d redecorate? 

We did!

That’s why we’re so excited to present Design Cincinnati Workshops. Sign up for a DIY/Lifestyle Workshop following our luncheon and lecture with Eddie Ross, and you’ll not only be inspired but also equipped to entertain and decorate with style!

Get out your calendars now and save the dates! These workshops are only available for Design Cincinnati 2017 attendees. Registration only takes place at our 10/13 event! We’ve helped create some events that you won’t want to miss! What’s more, 10% of all workshops will benefit the Association of Volunteers in support of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. (And some very generous souls are donating all of their proceeds—and then some—back to the AOV.) See below for details. And check back as we continue to finalize even more amazing workshops. Just for you!


Brunch Basics with Turner Farm

January 6, 11 am-2 pm

turner farm.jpg

Have fun while learning fundamental protein cookery skills with eggs, as well as cooking a variety of grains for breakfast and brunch.  This course will discuss healthy, easy and creative alternatives for traditional brunch staples.  It will also address best practices for hosting a successful brunch at home.  The class will gather together at the end to enjoy the variety of dishes produced during the class.  We may even make a mocktail or two!

  • Cost:  $100 per person
  • Location:  Turner Farm Teaching Kitchen, 7400 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH45243
  • Number attendees:  16


Dining Artfully with Shannon Carter

shannon carter.jpg

November 9, 2017, 12 pm

Enjoy an elegant luncheon in Shannon Carter’s lovely home, incorporating family recipes and creative ideas from her book, Living Artfully. Engage in fun conversations about entertaining with treasured heirlooms and whimsical twists. 

  • Cost:  $75 per person (All proceeds donated to The Association of Volunteers)
  • Location:  The home of Shannon Carter
  • Number of attendees:  7


Making Fresh Pasta with Daveed’s Culinary Kitchen


November 1, 2016, 6pm

Making fresh pasta at home is much easier than you might think and just as delicious as you imagine.  In this class, you’ll learn to mix homemade pasta dough, then roll and cut it.  Chef David will show you how to prepare some delicious sauces.  On the menu is paparedelle with secret red gravy, fettuccini with pesto, spaghetti with caciopepe and, for dessert, white chocolate clusters.  Each student experiences a taste of every dish.  Two glasses of wine and gratuity included.

  • Cost:  $65 per person
  • Location:  Daveed’s Culinary Kitchen, 7896 Camargo Road, Madeira, OH
  • Number of attendees:  Minimum 10, maximum 16


Tablescapes with Villa Sanctuary- From Simple to Sublime!

Friday, October 27, 6 pm and Saturday, October 28, 12 pm

villa sanctuary.jpg

Get ready for entertaining this holiday season with a workshop in the art of tablescaping.  This workshop will explore setting the stage for every occasion by creating beautiful table settings.  Participants will receive an in-store discount on table décor and linens.



  • Cost:  $30 per person (All proceeds donated to The Association of Volunteers). Villa Sanctuary will donate 20% of all sales of linens and table décor at the event to Design Cincinnati.
  • Location:  Villa Sanctuary, 32 Main Street, Milford, OH
  • Number of Attendees:  8


Candle Making with Manitou Candle

Date:  February 7, 2018, 6 p.m.


Come join us for a fun filled candle making class! Unplug from everyday life and foster original interaction through inspiration. Learn the art of making scented soy candles while spending time with old and new friends. Our experienced candle makers will guide you through the entire process of candle making. Each student will make two 11 ounce candles. Class time is typically 1.5 hours.

  • Cost:  $50
  • Location:  Manitou Candle Company, 4015 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati
  • Number of Attendees:  12


Beginning Calligraphy with The Hive Studio

Sunday, February 11, 2018

hive studio.jpg

Join us as we learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy, instructed by calligrapher, Lindsey Buck of The Hive Studio. Students will learn the anatomy of the nib, dipping ink and scribing the alphabet, experimenting with different ink colors, practicing upstrokes & downstrokes, and practicing your own alphabet writing style. Each student will receive The Hive Studio Beginner Calligraphy Kit, a beautifully crafted starter kit to use in class and take home. Your kits will include 1 nib, 1 wooden nib holder, ink well and black ink, notepad, alphabet sheet, practice papers and a resources sheet in a nice, wooden tray box made here in the USA

Cost:  $85

Location:  The Gifted Shop, 3443 Edwards Road, Hyde Park

Number of Attendees:  12


jenna bowen.png

Elegant Living & Generational Design

Date:  May 26, 2018, 11 am

A presentation and discussion about transitioning family furnishings through life's phases. Whether you are downsizing to allow more time for travel, updating a newly "empty nest," or investing in quality pieces for the first time, this workshop will provide practical lessons in integrating, updating, and honoring your furnishings, both inherited and existing.  Workshop will take place at Jenna Bowen’s beautiful 1300 acre farm in the rolling hills of the Bluegrass.  Includes light brunch.

  • Cost:  TBD
  • Location:  Owenton, Kentucky (about 1 hour south of Cincinnati)
  • Number of attendees:  30

But wait! There’s more! Stay tuned for more details on amazing workshops we have planned with Robin Wood Flowers, Gia and the Blooms and Patti Johnson Interiors.